Your Popular Comic Genres

Becoming a comic lover, there is no doubt that you know the variety of genres from your comic’s collection. Not only your collections but also any other comic you probably don’t have yet. An easy way to read a comic, you can read comics online to save your money. By using online services, you can read a lot of comic genres for free.

Sometimes if you want to read a comic, you spend a long time to choose what genre you will read. Every genre has its excellence and difference from each other. Mostly located in the storyline or the picture content. So, if you are confused finding what genre you like, there are several popular genres that usually people read and the explanations.

What Genre Do You Like?

  1. Action Adventure

This comic genre is one of the most popular. If you visit a website to read comics online, you will see a feature named “Hot Comic Updates”, most of which are action-adventure genres. This genre usually shows a story that a lot of fighting and gun shooting scenes. This is recommended for you who like actions.

  1. Fantasy

This genre is one of most seen in any comics. The fantasy genre has the flexibility to be combined with any other kind of genre. Almost all genre can get in. Usually, fantasy comics show a huge imagination and most of the comics have a magic element from the character. Sometimes the creator took a story from a folklore to catch attention from a reader.

  1. Sport

Sport is also a popular genre of comic. So many sports comics have been released and became a best seller. If you want a simple way, read comics online to get a free access reading it. This genre usually shows a life of an athlete or a student who have a great skill at doing some sports.