Tricks To Play Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is really popular right now. The game does great in the style and new feature. There will be many great twists compared with the original Angry Birds. This is the reason why everyone like this game. The premise is still like the original one which is destroying the pigs in order to rescue the eggs. But in this sequel, there will be a lot of new things to try. Even you can choose how to unlock each level. There are spells that you can use for the birds too.

Tricks For Angry Birds 2 Cards And Spells

Today we will share you some tricks in using cards in this game. Angry Birds 2 is still birds versus pigs but now we have bird cards! The card will be used to pick which birds to fly in order. So, let’s find out the tricks! Check on the bottom left of your screen and you will know how many cards that you have. You can choose three cards by just tapping on each card. The cards will show their identity and other unchosen cards will always face down. There is a meter that you need to fil in order to another card. You can fill the meter by earning points and destroying the enemy. The card that you get will be random.

As for the spells, you need to unlock certain levels first. The spells will join your bird cards. The best thing about the spells in the game is that you just need to load the spell up in the slingshot and the spell do its magic. The spells are a golden duck that will cause a rain of duck to destroy the pigs, blizzard which turn the screen into ice, and hot chili which is a flame that targets one pig. Angry Birds 2 is so interesting, right? You need to play this game right now.