Top 3 Best Movies of 2017 on Mobdro

2017 is not just the year of music but also the year of the movie as well. There are many excellent movies in 2017. Last year probably the best year for the movie industry. We get many great movies whether it is from the plot, cast, director, and many more. Mobdro has compiled the list of best 2017 movies.

Best 2017 Movies to Watch on Mobdro

If you miss those movies below, it means that you miss 2017 too! Those movies are the ones that make 2017 a strong and great year for the movie industry.

  1. Get Out

For your information, the director who always writes the script of this movie always does a comedy movie. Right now, the director changes his genre and direct as well as write his first horror movie ever. Get Out is the best horror movie in 2017. This movie is not just about horror but also social commentary. If you never watch Get Out, then you should make this movie as a top priority on Mobdro.

  1. I, Tonya

This movie will blow your mind if you are not an American. The story tells about Tonya Harding who is an American professional skater. Yes, this is a biography movie based on real story. Tonya Harding is known for her 3 spins act on ice ring where the last act was years ago done by another skater. But this story also tells about her and her husband’s scandal that rips her career apart.

  1. Dunkirk

The last movie that you need to watch is from a famous and talented director, Christopher Nolan. This movie is based on the real event sets in World War 2 where British army must survive in Dunkirk, France. The story doesn’t have its own conflict, but Nolan can bring out the most realistic Dunkirk event in this movie.

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