Tips To Protect Your Eyes

One of the important organs of your bodies is eyes. It is a visual system that used by human to sight or recognizes something. People can recognize a color like black or white, red or blue and see sky or sea. The health of eyes is very important in the technology era. Computer, television, gadget and several diseases can affect our eyes. Today, there are many technologies to keep our eyes still healthy but with much money. Actually, many alternative ways to make your eyes still healthy with simple and cheapest ways.


There are many foods that very useful for our eyes, one of them is a carrot. Generally, we should consume food that contains vitamin A and C such as Tomato, Carrot, papaya, rose apple and etc. The vegetable is also containing many vitamins that are very good for your eyes and your body. Several studies also show that vitamin A and C prevent eyes disease from degeneration of macula. The last, Anti-oxidant is very important to keep our eyes from the light. Eyes are catching the light and convert them into our vision. Furthermore, Sun as the main producer of the light is contained Ultraviolet that can threaten our eyes. So, anti-oxidant will prevent it.

Make Your Eyes To Relax

It is very important to prevent your eyes tired. It happens if you take a long time in front of computer or television. It will cause several problems such as blur, focus and dry on your eyes. The eyes will have tired and mostly the sharpness of your eyes will decrease. Moreover, eyes need to relax for 5 until 8 hours every day. Sleep is the only way to keep your eyes still relax.

Both of them is very useful to protect your eyes. Although is very simple, but it can keep your eyes still sharp and healthy.