The Extreme Performance Of ASUS ROG Maximus X APEX

One of the best gaming motherboards so far could be the ROG Maximus X APEX from ASUS. This major chipset manufacturer has come do far with premium features and elegant design to support better gaming experience. It breaks the world record for overclocking to bump up at 7.3 GHz with LN2 Mode. It also has the best memory for tweaking.

Pros Of ROG Maximus X APEX

Every single component in this motherboard is intentionally designed to break performance boundaries and create a new standard of quality. All features are selected to bring maximum performance so that its reliability should be questioned. Tweaking options are available to push the component to its limit. The cooling technology keeps every component work well under control. It has several RGB LEDs setting that makes it look even more attractive.

Premium Overclocking Features

This best gaming motherboard includes a toolkit for overclocking purposes. The presence of Dual BIOS provides you to do experiment with several firmware versions. It also has an onboard switch that allows you to switch from first to second BIOS without any setback. The highlight of ROG Maximus X APEX is definitely the overclocking features.

There are 10 total tools that you can use to have maximum overclocking experience. It includes Multicolored Q-LED. There are four LEDs that indicate the present boot status.  There is also slow mode switch and pause switch which only works if the LN2 mode is enabled. LN2 Mode Jumper is a jumper that enables particular options and also functions for overclocking. There is a lot more toolkit you can explore to increase clock speed.

In brief, there are a lot more exclusive features you can explore to bring its maximum performance. With this extreme quality, it should be able to satisfy hardcore gamers all over the world. Despite its high cost, ASUS offers much more affordable best gaming motherboard with excellent performance.