Several Ways To Quit Smoking

Do you know how dangerous smoking is? For your health, of course. The risk of smoking is not only for your own health but also other people around you. Once you smoke in front of your daughter; you know, the great danger is coming to your daughter health. The smoke for the passive people is more dangerous than the active smoker. If you do not know that, you got your new knowledge.

How To Quit Smoking In Several Good Ways?

If you love your family and friends; you should quit smoking as soon as possible. It will be good for you and for them. Is it hard to do? Yeah, I do not say it easy. I will tell you the several ways here to quit smoking. See them below:

  1. You should try to quit slowly. You can start by only smoke only one or two cigarettes in a day. Then, you can try to quit all of the cigarettes you usually smoke in a day. Slowly but you should be sure.
  2. You can quit the smoking right away. You can stop to not even touch the cigarette at all. It will be so hard because many people fail in doing it and start to smoke again someday.
  3. You can replace the cigarette with other sweet things such as candy or delicious foods. Maybe you can try to drink coffee. It is helpful to replace the nicotine with caffeine but make sure you know your goal.

There are many more ways of how to quit smoking. Some people also choose to replace it with vapor. However, the new research shows that vapor is the same as a cigarette. It has nicotine and some people also say it is even more dangerous.

Ok, now you have the options. Quit smoking now and show your real love to people around you including your family, friends, and lovers. Thus, that is all.