Do you have an outdated printer driver? Then you to download printer driver online immediately. If you stick to the oldest version, it will make your PC become unstable and it just doesn’t work properly. Updating printer driver regularly is important. Your printing problems will be solved and your operating system can operate well on your PC.

How to Update and Download Printer Driver Online

On this post, we will guide you how to update your printer driver to the newest one. The steps are easy and simple, check this out:

  1. Go to this website to download printer driver online. On the website, you need to type the name, model, and a number of your printer. All of those things can be checked in your printer. Once you enter and you get the search result, choose the one that matches with yours.
  2. For your information, you need to also select the operating system of your current PC so you can get the right and new printer driver. When you choose your operating system, click the Download button and the downloading process has begun.
  3. Once the downloading process has finished, you have to run the driver to complete the process. In some cases, your PC needs to reboot. After that, your PC and printer will have the latest version of your printer driver.
  4. Follow the instruction process (basically, all you have to do is just click Next!) and the installation process will begin.
  5. Once the installation process has completed, you need to test your printer.
  6. Go to the Control Panel and click anything with the printer icon.
  7. Just right-click on it and go to Properties. You will see the name of your printer which means that the printer driver is already installed.
  8. Choose the print test page icon to see if the printer can work properly.

That’s the steps to download printer driver online and install it.


Choosing the best laptop under 1500 dollars will become a need for you love to play games because it offers different advantages than PC. There are so many platforms provided a facility to play games, and the laptop is one of them. Many gamers will choose to play with the laptop, and they have their own opinion about it. They usually call the laptop with a gaming laptop.

Why do they call gaming laptop? It is because this laptop has enough specifications to play a high-resolution game. Playing a high-resolution game can be all day long, and if you have to face a regular laptop for a long time, it will disturb your eyes. High specifications become the key of this gaming laptop to be played for people.

Play A Game Using Laptop, Why Not?

So many people choosing to play on a laptop because of its advantages. Using your best laptop under 1500 dollars can be the solution.

  1. A Way Better Graphics

Visual Graphics become an important part of playing a game and of course, the laptop gives a better graphics. In a laptop, the graphic is clearer and lighter than any other gaming platforms. The laptop can be your decision to play a game.

  1. Variety of The Consoles

Usually, another gaming platform brings only its congenital factory. If you play a game on a laptop, you can change the controller you want, whether you will change the keyboard or mouse that is not a problem. Or if you want to play with the racing wheel, feel free to add.

  1. Variety of The Functions

Hardware in a laptop is a unique component to be used for another need of yours. If you want to play a game, just plug the controller in to play it. Besides, you can use your best laptop under 1500 to do another kind of activity. For example, you have to present a presentation in your class, just bring the laptop and connect it to LCD in your class.


Malaysia is one of the nearest countries from Indonesia. They called that Malaysia and Indonesia as “Saudara Serumpun”, and sometimes you can’t tell which one is Indonesian, and which one is the other because we have many things in common. There are also many Indonesian students who study in Malaysia. They are living far away from family and they choose to get part time jobs Malaysia to get the income and survive in there.

Many job advertisements are posted online. It is easier for the job seeker to find the job. They can see the requirements needed by the company they will register by looking at the announcement that posted. But sometimes it is difficult to find the trusted website, so they have to be careful.

Websites that Provide Many Job Vacancies in Malaysia

There are many websites that provide the information about part time jobs Malaysia. The job seeker has commonly used this method to make it easier. Here is some job website that can be visited by everyone who wants to get a job in Malaysia. First is JobsDB, you can find a nice job for you, you can also have a chance to develop the carrier by searching the job on this site. You can submit your resume directly.

Jobstreet will help you to search thousands of jobs in Malaysia. You can find the new job in some areas, such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang., Selangor, Johor, and the other big city in Malaysia. You can post the job advertisement and find some resumes. Jora is a job website in Malaysia that provides about 7.500 job sources all in the sites. is the other website that can help you to find part time jobs Malaysia. You can search a lot of job sites, newspaper that contains employment, and also many company pages in all over Malaysia, and you can get all of it in one click.


Actually, diarrhea is one of many sicknesses that common to happen for many people. However, not all sickness should be treated by a medical professional. You can consider having some home remedies in order to get more natural remedies. Natural remedies for diarrhea are the example of what you can try in your home. By knowing these natural remedies, you do not need to go to any doctor and only enough to be cured with the natural remedies. Then, what are the natural remedies for diarrhea?

Natural Remedies For Diarrhea

If we are talking about natural remedies, there will be many natural sources that can help us in order to make our body health. For the example, when you get diarrhea, you can try the following natural remedies.

  1. Drink More Mineral Water

It sounds very simple but it is also something important for your health. Yes, water is such a magical thing that can help our body to stay healthy and fit. In order to go to the doctor and take some medicine, you can increase the amount of the water that you drink. It can help you to get better with your diarrhea.

  1. Take Some Rest

When your body gets sick, it might because your body does not have enough rest. Resting will be helpful and peaceful for you. It can help you to avoid more problems with your health while waiting for your body to be fully recovered from any symptoms of diarrhea.

  1. Eat Guava Leaf

This is the other natural remedies that you can try to get over from your diarrhea. You can take some guava leaf and drink or eat it as your natural medicine.

With those natural remedies, you always can take care of yourself better, especially when you are in the middle of your diarrhea problem. What do you think about those remedies?


In order to reduce the portion of eating, people on diet keep asking how many calories in a banana recently. They agreed that the banana can be an alternate food when they are on diet. They do not even consider whether this option is good or not. In some fact, we can say that banana is good for diet does, but still with some considerations. So, what are those consideration?

Eating Banana While You Are On A Diet

An average banana contains 90 up to 120 calories. It is a bit much for those who are on a diet. Meanwhile, on a diet, the nutrition which should be fulfilled is not only the calories from banana, but also from other foods. So, you may use this advice. When you go to the grocery to buy a banana, choose the small one, or if you get the big one, you may eat the half of the banana.

Banana is high in calories than other fruits. That is why some diet experts will ask you to avoid eating too much banana. In doing diet, all foods should be in control, including for banana. So, actually the best answer to how many calories in a banana? You may also answer it depends on how many bananas you eat in a day.

Another reason why diet experts ask the diet does not eat too much banana is because banana is high in sugar. The ripen your banana is the more sugar in it. So, you need to really keep what you eat. Including this fruit.

For those diet doers, no need to worry that you need to eliminate this fruit from your daily menu. You only need to keep it in portion. Eat it as a snack when you feel hungry during the day will be better, rather than eat it while you are hungry for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hopefully, this explanation can also help you to answer about how many calories in a banana.


Mobdro App is a very famous application which allows you to browse, bookmark, and share your favorite videos on the internet. You can also download the video and watch it offline for free. This application can be downloaded through mobdroapp.

There are various videos provided by a mobdro app such as movies, songs, news, and shows. As a viewer or streamer, we may know the benefit of using this application. So, we can really use it as our main website we visit when we want to watch any video online.

Benefits Of Using Mobdro App

  1. Good interface

This application has a good interface. It gives a better experience to the viewer which will not make them boring. This feature is also user-friendly. It offers an interactive and refreshing page. So, the viewers will enjoy this website.

  1. Unlimited HD Videos

This website offers unlimited HD videos. By giving this feature, the viewers don’t need to worry that it will stick a lot. mobdroapp provides a fast experience to watch those HD videos. The viewer is not required to wait for the video to load.

  1. Mobdro app helps the viewers to watch more video they like

Mobdro app helps its viewers to watch the video they like. It will automatically be shown at the home screen. Mobdro app does it by acknowledging viewer’s interest and behavior. Only in case, the viewers may watch a video manually, they may search it on the “search field to discover”.

  1. Find your favorite themes

Every time you open, you may find any video that you like when you are streaming. If you think that I am addicted, you may download it. The most interesting part is you can re-watch the video offline, anytime you want, without using any internet connection. It should be very interesting since not all website allows the viewers to download the video from their website.


Having job Malaysia is one of the most popular dreams in this world. Well, you should know that if you need income, you can get it from the other ways outside of being a worker. There are many options you can take for it.

3 Ways You Can Do to Work from Home

If you prefer to work from home rather than get a job Malaysia, you will have three ways to get income. You just need to choose one of them based on the skills you have. The three ways are:

  1. Being a freelancer. Well, a freelancer is a job which is widely options to work with themselves or with another. It is not like the ordinary workers because the freelancer gets free to do their job whenever. There are many freelancer fields you can take such as web developer, web designer, content writer, translator, graphic designer, and many more. If you have skill in certain fields, make sure you use it well.
  2. Marketing business. It is one of the most popular ways to get income. By selling your product, you can gain more income than the ordinary worker. You also can arrange your schedule for a holiday, working, and much more freely. It is your business and there are no rules and regulations you need to obey. You made them.
  3. Being a blogger. If you like to share something with the other internet users, you can use it to develop a blog. As you know, if you are serious to maintain your blog and pay attention to the traffic websites, you will gain money from it.

Those are three ways you can choose based on what you like to get income even you are not working on certain companies. Some of you are able to take a risk and some of you prefer to be a worker on certain job Malaysia. It is all your choices.


Becoming a comic lover, there is no doubt that you know the variety of genres from your comic’s collection. Not only your collections but also any other comic you probably don’t have yet. An easy way to read a comic, you can read comics online to save your money. By using online services, you can read a lot of comic genres for free.

Sometimes if you want to read a comic, you spend a long time to choose what genre you will read. Every genre has its excellence and difference from each other. Mostly located in the storyline or the picture content. So, if you are confused finding what genre you like, there are several popular genres that usually people read and the explanations.

What Genre Do You Like?

  1. Action Adventure

This comic genre is one of the most popular. If you visit a website to read comics online, you will see a feature named “Hot Comic Updates”, most of which are action-adventure genres. This genre usually shows a story that a lot of fighting and gun shooting scenes. This is recommended for you who like actions.

  1. Fantasy

This genre is one of most seen in any comics. The fantasy genre has the flexibility to be combined with any other kind of genre. Almost all genre can get in. Usually, fantasy comics show a huge imagination and most of the comics have a magic element from the character. Sometimes the creator took a story from a folklore to catch attention from a reader.

  1. Sport

Sport is also a popular genre of comic. So many sports comics have been released and became a best seller. If you want a simple way, read comics online to get a free access reading it. This genre usually shows a life of an athlete or a student who have a great skill at doing some sports.


Breast cancer is deadly cancer that almost occurs in the women although several cases occur in the man. Moreover, women have high chance to get this disease. It is the second deadly disease for women. Based on the research, almost 2 of 10 people can occur this disease. So, the early detection is needed to cure breast cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is almost same with other cancer. Furthermore, breast cancer is a disease that is caused by the abnormal cell in the beast system. The cell that has been invaded by cancer can invade another healthy cell. It means that this cancer will spread out to all body. It is very dangerous because this disease will attack another part of the body. The cause of this cancer is still mysterious. But, experts believe that the heritage of the family is very crucial. There are 20% people to descent this disease to their children. Moreover, you should check with the doctor of cancer specialist to early prevent. Then, women between 50 until 55 are very fragile to get this cancer because the risk of this disease increases the age. Moreover,

How To Prevent Breast Cancer?

There are many things to prevent this disease. One of them consumes more beans. Because the beans have anti-oxidant that it can prevent all kind of cancer. Moreover, based on the research that old women that have not been getting pregnant, have the high risk of cancer. So, you should consider marrying above 25 years old to prevent it.

Breast cancer is one of the deadly diseases for women in Indonesia. You should prevent it with a routine checkup. Moreover, lifestyle is the key to it. So, don’t forget to consume organic vegetable and get sport. In Indonesia, 3 of 10 women die every year because of this disease. Let start to love our body.


Having beautiful skin must be everyone dreams. Women, in particular, would love to do anything to make their skin looks healthy. They will do treatments that can prevent acne, dull or even age sign such as wrinkles and blemishes.

The Importance Of Night Skin Treatment

Before further discussing the to-do list, you need to know why you need to protect your skin even at night. The first reason is that it gets a lot of contamination during daytime from makeup, UV light and also dust. Besides, the skin will recover and regenerate during the night when you are sleeping. By giving nutrients to skin it will boost the process. As a result, your skin will look bright and radiant.

Night Skin Treatments Regimen

The following are 5 easy and quick treatments that you can practice at home before going to bed. If you do it regularly it can rejuvenate your skin.

  1. Warm Water

First of all, you should wash your face with warm water. It can clean your clogged pores thus your skin would likely be free from acne or blackheads. Moreover, warm water is a good therapy for stress.

  1. Face Mask

Then, put on a face mask before going to sleep. It contains good nutrition to create beautiful skin. You can make a natural face mask out of rice, tomato, cucumber or avocado.

  1. Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil for a face mask or body massage. It is good for skin as it contains antioxidant property such vitamin E. If you need something way effective, you can use a night cream.

Those are a top three-night treatment for your skin. If you need other alternatives you can browse on, a great beauty blog.