Love Status for Ones You Loved

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to express your feeling towards your partner. You can try to find the most romantic phrase to express your feeling from the status. There are also a lot of people who update love status for WhatsApp which kind of love expression towards their love one. Moreover, you can also get the best features from the last update of this messenger.

How to Update the Attractive Love Status on WhatsApp

If you already got the new update for WhatsApp, so you can get the most attractive one. You can also use the features to update love status for WhatsApp. Here are the tips to create the most attractive love status on WhatsApp.

For the first, you can choose the background. You can choose the colour or upload the background photo. Make sure that if you choose the photo, it will not distract the text that will be typed on. Second, you need to choose the font. You can choose the type, size, and colour. Make it mix well with the background that you chose. Then, you can also arrange the position for each words. That is why you can arrange the words in different. Just make it looks elegant and great. If you do not use pattern background, so you can also put sticker. You can choose the related sticker as your status. Also, make sure that it is comfortable to see.

The Recommendation to Find the Best Love Status

If you want to share a romantic phrase, so you can try to find it on internet. It is a good recommendation if you did not have any idea. For the best recommendation, you can try to visit to There are a lot of romantic phrase or phrase about love to share. Just get your idea there.