Indonesian Students Have Part Time Job in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the nearest countries from Indonesia. They called that Malaysia and Indonesia as “Saudara Serumpun”, and sometimes you can’t tell which one is Indonesian, and which one is the other because we have many things in common. There are also many Indonesian students who study in Malaysia. They are living far away from family and they choose to get part time jobs Malaysia to get the income and survive in there.

Many job advertisements are posted online. It is easier for the job seeker to find the job. They can see the requirements needed by the company they will register by looking at the announcement that posted. But sometimes it is difficult to find the trusted website, so they have to be careful.

Websites that Provide Many Job Vacancies in Malaysia

There are many websites that provide the information about part time jobs Malaysia. The job seeker has commonly used this method to make it easier. Here is some job website that can be visited by everyone who wants to get a job in Malaysia. First is JobsDB, you can find a nice job for you, you can also have a chance to develop the carrier by searching the job on this site. You can submit your resume directly.

Jobstreet will help you to search thousands of jobs in Malaysia. You can find the new job in some areas, such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang., Selangor, Johor, and the other big city in Malaysia. You can post the job advertisement and find some resumes. Jora is a job website in Malaysia that provides about 7.500 job sources all in the sites. is the other website that can help you to find part time jobs Malaysia. You can search a lot of job sites, newspaper that contains employment, and also many company pages in all over Malaysia, and you can get all of it in one click.