How To Stop Tingling And Numbness?

Tingling and numbness is the most unexpected condition that will make the certain body feel nothing and freeze. In that situation, there are some causes which trigger tingling and numbness in your body. Some people also experienced this condition while they are sleeping. If you are frequently severe this condition, so you have to check your health to know the exact causes. Since the tingling and numbness can be one of the symptoms of chronic diseases. In general, the causes of this condition are the wrong position, diabetes, stroke, low temperature, Vitamin B deficiency, broken shoulder blade, and many more.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Tingling And Numbness

If suddenly tingling and numbness is coming, so you can try to do these things:

  • Change Sleeping Position

If you feel tingling and numbness frequently while sleeping, so it means that you are in wrong sleeping position. To reduce this condition, you can start to change your position. Make sure that you do not give more pressure on your hands or arms while sleeping. In that situation, it will not restrict the flow of your blood. Then, you can also try to change your position while sleeping for several times to reduce compress and numb.


  • Exercise More

One of the causes of tingling and numbness is the blood regulation which is not going well. That is why you have to take more exercise to keep your blood circulate well. If you are mostly got numb on your arms, so you can try to take more stretching. Before going bed, you can do stretching in several minutes. It will reduce numbness in your body.


  • Compress in Hot or Cold Water

If you cannot take the numbness, so you can try to compress the area that feels numb. You can take a towel dipped into cold or hot water. Then, let it wrap around your numbness area.