How To Mix And Match Wickerwork

It is great to combine wicker furniture Indonesia product with any kind of house decoration. You can put it in the living room, dining room and also bedroom. If you like something for your outdoor property, you can put outdoor wicker furniture outside the house. You have a wide range of option to mix and match it.

Matching Decoration For Living Room

First of all, you may consider finding any matching decoration for your living room. In this case, you can buy a table set of wicker furniture Indonesia. If you need something cozier you have the choice to pick rattan sofa with the soft and thick pad. You can also adjust the color with your interior theme. The white furniture will absolutely look great with your white concept.

In addition, you can also put flower pots in the corner of the room. It gives simpler yet classy nuance to the room. Moreover, if your children are playing around the house, you do need to worry about it won’t break into pieces. If you have quite small room, you can use rattan room divider instead of using a plain curtain.

Adding Unique Wickerwork For Kitchen

Secondly, you may want to have something different for your kitchen. What about putting wicker placemat on top of your dining table. It can give different look to your kitchen and also it works really well to hold heat. You can also put bar stools around the kitchen counter. Otherwise, you may want to fully decorate the table using rattan table set. You will find it amazingly comfortable as you are sitting in a café.

If you want to mix and match more part of your room, wicker furniture Indonesia is always a nice option. You can put various rattan decoration or furniture around your house. Meanwhile, it doesn’t require much work to take care of it.