How To Clean Black Leather Jackets

Everyone loves to wear clean clothes including you. If you have black leather jackets, you want to wear them in clean and smell good. But since we talk about leather jacket, which means that the main material is leather. How to clean this jacket? Read this instruction below to find out how to clean your favorite clothes!

Tips To Clean Black Leather Jackets

First of all, read the instruction on the tag. Almost all clothes, including a leather jacket, include a tag. The tag will describe the instruction to clean the jacket. There are also many types of leather jacket, so you need to read the tag first to get the right cleaning instruction. The instruction on the tag is the safe one. So, you can follow it and you can clean your leather jacket well.

If your black leather jackets don’t have a tag, you can use these tips. Use a clean cloth or gentle brush to dust the leather jacket. If you don’t wear this jacket for a while, you need to dust it before you wear the jacket. You have to use nubuck cloth, dry cotton cloth, and brush made of camel hair so you don’t damage the leather. After that, pour just one drop of water onto your jacket. If the water stays still, then you can wipe your leather jacket with water or damp cloth. This will make your jacket clearer. However, you can do this if the water absorbs to the leather.

The last method is by using art gum eraser. This eraser also knew an artist’s eraser. You can buy it at the craft store. This eraser is used to rub your leather jacket. Rub the eraser on the dirty area so you can clean the dirt and stains. You can clean the residue from the eraser by using your hand or vacuum cleaner. We hope that those tips can clean your black leather jackets.