Hello Neighbor Trailer Story Line

Game hello neighbor alpha 1 download is widely available for you who want to feel the tension. There is a trailer that will tell how this game runs and how to accomplish it. You must find out what is inside of the blotted room. You may need some tools to open the doors. It will include crowbar and key which is hidden inside of the house.

Find The Way To Sneak In

The trailer tells about you who are finding a way to invade the house. You wander around the house and observe the neighbor. In the front yard, there are some items scattered around. There are tomatoes and apples. You can use it to distract your neighbor by throwing it on the front window and hide.

Grab The Hidden Crowbar

You have bought yourself some time to sneak in for he is cleaning the window outside. You manage to find the crowbar somewhere in one of the room. Then, you turn on the TV and hide to again distract your neighbor. You are trying your best so he will not notice you. However, the advanced AI in hello neighbor alpha 1 download always seems to find you.

Get The Key To Accomplish The Game

Your last attempt is to get the key which is lying in the dining room. You are one step closer to finish the game. However, right after you grab the key, your journey is stopped. You are locked up and never find a way out.

This simulation aims to give show you how to play the game. There will be some items around the house you can use to distract your neighbor. Some items are even used to break the unlocked doors. If you feel it is the game you are looking for, you can download it for free in