‘Fake’ Paris A La China

Everyone knows that China is a good country in making imitation products. Starting from products toys, fashion, electronics, to automotive, everything they create. Unmitigated, a city they also create a copy.

Well, this time Sam’s club travel will talk about the imitations of Paris in China. Tianducheng, a city in China was built to resemble Paris in France. Tianducheng is located on the outskirts of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Initially, Tianducheng is a residential complex that is only 66 hectares with many landmarks of Paris. But over time, this place developed into a tourism city visited by many tourists.

Tianducheng Is Very Similar To The Original Paris

When discussing Paris, Sam’s club travel certainly will not pass the famous Eiffel tower. The towering tower as high as 984 feet is known to have a strong romantic atmosphere. No wonder if this place is visited by many couples from different parts of the world for honeymooners.

Well, not to be outdone, in Tianducheng there is also a copy of Eiffel tower that is ninety percent similar to the original one. Starting from the architecture of the building, the concept of the place, to the atmosphere around it is also really similar to the one in France.

Not only that, the layout of the city of Tianducheng also very resembles Paris. This can be proven when we compare pictures of both cities taken from a height. In addition, there are many other typical Parisian buildings and the cultural sites of Paris found in Tianducheng. The city was built eleven years ago, precisely in 2007, to accommodate about 10,000 residents.

Tianducheng is practically a perfect imitation of Paris. What distinguishes it from the original city of Paris is the smaller scale. Well, if you want to visit Paris but hit by budget, Sam’s club travel recommend you to visit Tianducheng first.