Eating Before Exercising, Is It Good?

Many people are wondering whether they should eat first before exercising or not, because not a few people who dilemma eating something before exercise because of worry will cause stomach cramps or reduce the effectiveness of fat burning will be done. Actually, it depends on the purpose of the sport. If the goal is to lose weight, then you should eat first. Then what foods should be consumed before exercise? And, when is the right time to not eat first before exercising?

When and What to Eat

Of course, the food is also not a heavy meal but a small but solid food, both from calories and from the side of nutrition. Well, the recommended one is in the form of banana or whole grain bread. Although the food in a portion that is not large can provide a sense of satiety long enough and become a source of energy for the body. In addition, the body also will not run out of calories in total. This causes the person does not feel too hungry or at the next meal concerned is not disturbed by excessive appetite due to too hungry.

Meanwhile, if the purpose of the sport is not to lose weight but to build muscle and burn fat, it is recommended not to consume food first, but just drink. This is so that the reserves of sugar in the body can be quickly burned so that the turn after that is burning fat. Thus, the goal to burn fatter and build muscle can be achieved. In fact, if after that person who exercises it has a big appetite will not be a problem because the person never intended to lose weight but want to build muscle. So even if the appetite becomes bigger it will support the intake of enough food for muscle formation and also fat burning.