Does Banana Good For Diet Doers?

In order to reduce the portion of eating, people on diet keep asking how many calories in a banana recently. They agreed that the banana can be an alternate food when they are on diet. They do not even consider whether this option is good or not. In some fact, we can say that banana is good for diet does, but still with some considerations. So, what are those consideration?

Eating Banana While You Are On A Diet

An average banana contains 90 up to 120 calories. It is a bit much for those who are on a diet. Meanwhile, on a diet, the nutrition which should be fulfilled is not only the calories from banana, but also from other foods. So, you may use this advice. When you go to the grocery to buy a banana, choose the small one, or if you get the big one, you may eat the half of the banana.

Banana is high in calories than other fruits. That is why some diet experts will ask you to avoid eating too much banana. In doing diet, all foods should be in control, including for banana. So, actually the best answer to how many calories in a banana? You may also answer it depends on how many bananas you eat in a day.

Another reason why diet experts ask the diet does not eat too much banana is because banana is high in sugar. The ripen your banana is the more sugar in it. So, you need to really keep what you eat. Including this fruit.

For those diet doers, no need to worry that you need to eliminate this fruit from your daily menu. You only need to keep it in portion. Eat it as a snack when you feel hungry during the day will be better, rather than eat it while you are hungry for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hopefully, this explanation can also help you to answer about how many calories in a banana.