Collect More Eggs, Avoiding Mama On Tattletail

Are you looking for the Tattletail free download link? Before that, you also need a simple guideline on how to play it well. Tattletail is the most excited virtual pet game with survival horror as genre game. You will get the more exciting plot and thrilling experience at once. You will not only find to raise the pet but also complete some missions. Moreover, you will also find an attractive ending from this game.

A Guideline To Play Tattletail

If you want to get Tattletail free download, so you can find it on some websites. There are a lot of places to get the Apk freely. If you already downloaded and installed it, so you can start to play. For you as a beginner who plays it the first time, here is a simple guideline for to win:

  • Find the Eggs As Much As Possible

The main mission of this game is collecting the eggs. You have to make sure that you already collect some eggs from the beginning. The game will start when you meet with the Baby Tattletail. In the end, you need to collect 22 eggs so you have to get them as soon as possible.

  • Don’t Disturb Mama Tattletail

There will be a stage when the Baby Tattletail will be noisy and make the Mama Tattletail wake up. This kind of situation must be avoided. You have to make sure that you will not get caught by Mama Tattletail. On the fourth day, Mama Tattletail will haunt you so that you have to hide from her.

  • Don’t Lose the Map

Although you already collect all eggs but lose the map, your game will be over. It is called as a joking ending. So, make sure that you keep the map well as the best guideline before getting Tattletail free download.