2017 is not just the year of music but also the year of the movie as well. There are many excellent movies in 2017. Last year probably the best year for the movie industry. We get many great movies whether it is from the plot, cast, director, and many more. Mobdro has compiled the list of best 2017 movies.

Best 2017 Movies to Watch on Mobdro

If you miss those movies below, it means that you miss 2017 too! Those movies are the ones that make 2017 a strong and great year for the movie industry.

  1. Get Out

For your information, the director who always writes the script of this movie always does a comedy movie. Right now, the director changes his genre and direct as well as write his first horror movie ever. Get Out is the best horror movie in 2017. This movie is not just about horror but also social commentary. If you never watch Get Out, then you should make this movie as a top priority on Mobdro.

  1. I, Tonya

This movie will blow your mind if you are not an American. The story tells about Tonya Harding who is an American professional skater. Yes, this is a biography movie based on real story. Tonya Harding is known for her 3 spins act on ice ring where the last act was years ago done by another skater. But this story also tells about her and her husband’s scandal that rips her career apart.

  1. Dunkirk

The last movie that you need to watch is from a famous and talented director, Christopher Nolan. This movie is based on the real event sets in World War 2 where British army must survive in Dunkirk, France. The story doesn’t have its own conflict, but Nolan can bring out the most realistic Dunkirk event in this movie.

You can watch this movie on Mobdro. Download it on


Do you need unlimited access to various TV programs? Installing the mobdro app on your smart TV. It is a little bit different from other streaming tools. The Mobdro will let you stream various programs freely with unlimited access. So, you do not need to pay more for every video that has been watched. Only by upgrading the version, you will get the more features. However, the Freemium version still is an option to get free access.

How to Download Mobdro for Android Fire TV

If you are Android Fire TV, so the mobdro app is the best tool to install. Here are easy ways to get the Mobdro on your Fire TV:

  • Make sure that connection

The first thing you have to make sure is the connection. Make sure that all connections are needed are connected well. In that way, there will be no trouble while installation is running.

  • Setting up the Fire TV

Before going to the website, make sure that you already set the device up. You need to make sure that all the setting is compatible with this application. You have to go to Settings and choose System option. Then, choose the Developer to turn on the Unknown Source option. Just click OK to let the application access your Smart TV easily.

  • Download the apk and install it

Go to the browser and find the apk through Mobdro website. Just find the apk which is compatible with Smart TV. Then, click the download button. In several minutes until the icon appeared, the application has been installed well.

  • Launch the application

If the icon of the mobdro app has been shown, so you can click it to launch. Choose the favorite menu to add this application. Just rename it by Mobdro, then you can access all videos in this application freely.


One thing that can make you get stressed is having a hair fall problem every day. You will feel pressured and worry about hair loss problem. Hair loss does not only happen to old people. Young people also have the possibility to get the same problem. Have a hair fall problem and ended up having a hair loss problem at a young age is very shameful and make you feel unconfident.

Hair is a crown for every people. Many people do a hair therapy to prevent hair damage, keep healthy and strong, free from severe hair fall problem. Besides of taking care of your hair, it is also important to know about the causes of hair fall. If you have acknowledged it, so you can keep your hair healthiness optimally.

Recognize The Causes Of Hair Damage

There are so many factors that cause the hair fall. The stress that you get emotionally, evidently affects your hair fall. Physical stress is also causing the hair fall, for example, when a mom is having a labor. Hormonal change in the body is also causing hair fall, for example, when a woman is pregnant or menstruating.

Another cause is when you are in a diet program and trying to set the meal time, evidently can make you have hair fall problem too. Then, when you just have had a surgery, or you have a short-term illness and also infection. It can also affect a long-term illness, have a cold, influenza, severe anemia, and so on.

One of general cause is when a cancer patient is in the middle chemotherapy or the effect of radiation. What are some things that because hair damaged and hair fall? We can conclude that the most important thing we must do is to take care of our healthiness, set the meal term, and pay attention to what we eat. Make sure that our body gets the nutrition it needed.


Do you have an outdated printer driver? Then you to download printer driver online immediately. If you stick to the oldest version, it will make your PC become unstable and it just doesn’t work properly. Updating printer driver regularly is important. Your printing problems will be solved and your operating system can operate well on your PC.

How to Update and Download Printer Driver Online

On this post, we will guide you how to update your printer driver to the newest one. The steps are easy and simple, check this out:

  1. Go to this website to download printer driver online. On the website, you need to type the name, model, and a number of your printer. All of those things can be checked in your printer. Once you enter and you get the search result, choose the one that matches with yours.
  2. For your information, you need to also select the operating system of your current PC so you can get the right and new printer driver. When you choose your operating system, click the Download button and the downloading process has begun.
  3. Once the downloading process has finished, you have to run the driver to complete the process. In some cases, your PC needs to reboot. After that, your PC and printer will have the latest version of your printer driver.
  4. Follow the instruction process (basically, all you have to do is just click Next!) and the installation process will begin.
  5. Once the installation process has completed, you need to test your printer.
  6. Go to the Control Panel and click anything with the printer icon.
  7. Just right-click on it and go to Properties. You will see the name of your printer which means that the printer driver is already installed.
  8. Choose the print test page icon to see if the printer can work properly.

That’s the steps to download printer driver online and install it.


Actually, diarrhea is one of many sicknesses that common to happen for many people. However, not all sickness should be treated by a medical professional. You can consider having some home remedies in order to get more natural remedies. Natural remedies for diarrhea are the example of what you can try in your home. By knowing these natural remedies, you do not need to go to any doctor and only enough to be cured with the natural remedies. Then, what are the natural remedies for diarrhea?

Natural Remedies For Diarrhea

If we are talking about natural remedies, there will be many natural sources that can help us in order to make our body health. For the example, when you get diarrhea, you can try the following natural remedies.

  1. Drink More Mineral Water

It sounds very simple but it is also something important for your health. Yes, water is such a magical thing that can help our body to stay healthy and fit. In order to go to the doctor and take some medicine, you can increase the amount of the water that you drink. It can help you to get better with your diarrhea.

  1. Take Some Rest

When your body gets sick, it might because your body does not have enough rest. Resting will be helpful and peaceful for you. It can help you to avoid more problems with your health while waiting for your body to be fully recovered from any symptoms of diarrhea.

  1. Eat Guava Leaf

This is the other natural remedies that you can try to get over from your diarrhea. You can take some guava leaf and drink or eat it as your natural medicine.

With those natural remedies, you always can take care of yourself better, especially when you are in the middle of your diarrhea problem. What do you think about those remedies?


In order to reduce the portion of eating, people on diet keep asking how many calories in a banana recently. They agreed that the banana can be an alternate food when they are on diet. They do not even consider whether this option is good or not. In some fact, we can say that banana is good for diet does, but still with some considerations. So, what are those consideration?

Eating Banana While You Are On A Diet

An average banana contains 90 up to 120 calories. It is a bit much for those who are on a diet. Meanwhile, on a diet, the nutrition which should be fulfilled is not only the calories from banana, but also from other foods. So, you may use this advice. When you go to the grocery to buy a banana, choose the small one, or if you get the big one, you may eat the half of the banana.

Banana is high in calories than other fruits. That is why some diet experts will ask you to avoid eating too much banana. In doing diet, all foods should be in control, including for banana. So, actually the best answer to how many calories in a banana? You may also answer it depends on how many bananas you eat in a day.

Another reason why diet experts ask the diet does not eat too much banana is because banana is high in sugar. The ripen your banana is the more sugar in it. So, you need to really keep what you eat. Including this fruit.

For those diet doers, no need to worry that you need to eliminate this fruit from your daily menu. You only need to keep it in portion. Eat it as a snack when you feel hungry during the day will be better, rather than eat it while you are hungry for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hopefully, this explanation can also help you to answer about how many calories in a banana.


Breast cancer is deadly cancer that almost occurs in the women although several cases occur in the man. Moreover, women have high chance to get this disease. It is the second deadly disease for women. Based on the research, almost 2 of 10 people can occur this disease. So, the early detection is needed to cure breast cancer.

What Is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is almost same with other cancer. Furthermore, breast cancer is a disease that is caused by the abnormal cell in the beast system. The cell that has been invaded by cancer can invade another healthy cell. It means that this cancer will spread out to all body. It is very dangerous because this disease will attack another part of the body. The cause of this cancer is still mysterious. But, experts believe that the heritage of the family is very crucial. There are 20% people to descent this disease to their children. Moreover, you should check with the doctor of cancer specialist to early prevent. Then, women between 50 until 55 are very fragile to get this cancer because the risk of this disease increases the age. Moreover,

How To Prevent Breast Cancer?

There are many things to prevent this disease. One of them consumes more beans. Because the beans have anti-oxidant that it can prevent all kind of cancer. Moreover, based on the research that old women that have not been getting pregnant, have the high risk of cancer. So, you should consider marrying above 25 years old to prevent it.

Breast cancer is one of the deadly diseases for women in Indonesia. You should prevent it with a routine checkup. Moreover, lifestyle is the key to it. So, don’t forget to consume organic vegetable and get sport. In Indonesia, 3 of 10 women die every year because of this disease. Let start to love our body.


Having beautiful skin must be everyone dreams. Women, in particular, would love to do anything to make their skin looks healthy. They will do treatments that can prevent acne, dull or even age sign such as wrinkles and blemishes.

The Importance Of Night Skin Treatment

Before further discussing the to-do list, you need to know why you need to protect your skin even at night. The first reason is that it gets a lot of contamination during daytime from makeup, UV light and also dust. Besides, the skin will recover and regenerate during the night when you are sleeping. By giving nutrients to skin it will boost the process. As a result, your skin will look bright and radiant.

Night Skin Treatments Regimen

The following are 5 easy and quick treatments that you can practice at home before going to bed. If you do it regularly it can rejuvenate your skin.

  1. Warm Water

First of all, you should wash your face with warm water. It can clean your clogged pores thus your skin would likely be free from acne or blackheads. Moreover, warm water is a good therapy for stress.

  1. Face Mask

Then, put on a face mask before going to sleep. It contains good nutrition to create beautiful skin. You can make a natural face mask out of rice, tomato, cucumber or avocado.

  1. Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil for a face mask or body massage. It is good for skin as it contains antioxidant property such vitamin E. If you need something way effective, you can use a night cream.

Those are a top three-night treatment for your skin. If you need other alternatives you can browse on, a great beauty blog.


DIY mask is not only cheap but it also does wonder to your skin. If you have skin issue such as acne, dry skin, rough skin, cracked skin, dark spot, dull skin, and acne as well, you can use this natural ingredient to your face and wait until your skin become better!

DIY Face Mask Recipe

There are many kinds of DIY face mask that you can make at home. The natural ingredient won’t harm your skin. We recommend you to use this natural face mask twice or thrice a week to get the better result. Follow the recipes below

  1. Green tea mask

When you have redness, acne, or even worse, rosacea on your skin, you can use green tea face mask as your savior. Green tea proves to be effective when it comes to acne and similar skin issues. This tea is really great for oily skin; it can reduce the sebum too. This recipe will use yogurt to make your skin smooth, honey to make your skin moist, and apple cider vinegar to balance the pH level of your skin. Boil green tea until hot. Mix 2 tsp of plain yogurt, 1 tsp of honey, and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Mix all the ingredient until they become a thick paste. Spread to your face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes. Use cold water to wash your face.

  1. Yogurt mask

The next recipe is yogurt mask. This ingredient is able to moisture your skin. The recipe will use cucumber as well which provide moisture too. This vegetable is also great to reduce redness. This mask is beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Use 1tsp of Greek yogurt and ½ of chopped cucumber. Smash the cucumber and mix it with yogurt. Apply the mask all over your face and let sit for 15 minutes. Use warm water to wash your face.


People get bored is so common in this modern days. A human being will always miss the natural places to get more energy to face the busy and boring days. So, here are the several amazing places to visit in Thailand that will give you the best experiences. You will love to see the natural places such as the beaches and islands. So, let’s find out as follow.

The Best And Recommended Places And Island In Thailand To Visit

What is the favorite place to visit on your holiday? Is it the tropical places with a beautiful wave, beach, an island? Meet Thailand and you will get them all. You also will find the beautiful cultures with the palace you can visit as well over there.

So, are you ready to know the places? Take your note and see the several amazing places to visit in Thailand as the following:

  1. Koh Phi Phi Island

In this island, you will not only see the beauty of natural places with the blue sea. You will see the group of the monkey as well! Do you love it?

  1. Railway Beach

Do you love beach that much? How about this beach? You will fall in love and cannot forget how beautiful this beach is. The blue sea and the white sand will be there for you.

  1. Phuket Island

Tosca blue sea is here for you! If you do not believe me; you could prove it by yourself. You will see the pictures are so awesome and you will get there as soon as possible!

You know, there are more places you should see and visit in this country. Not only those three places have I told you. There are more places you should visit there. Click this link to get more information: Thus, that is all the information of recommended places in Thailand for you. Hope you love it!