Best Tips for Using Smartphone

If you use Android there are some tips and trick to use your phone, especially if it is still new. When it comes to Android, it the software that is like a beast with many faces. If we compare Android with other software, it’s just different. There are many phone manufacturer that uses Android as an operating system for their phones such as Samsung, ASUS, Huawei, LG, and many more. If you use Android, it means that you will have a level of limitless to customization. You can download everything from Google Play and you can download many apps for third-party just fine!

How to Master Your Android Phone

You need to sort out and Google account first in order to master Android. Android and Google are like a soulmate. Because if you want to use an Android phone, then you have to create a Google account. This will lead you to everything that goes with Google like Google Maps, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, contacts, calendars, and many more. To create an account, it’s better to create it straight from your PC before you sign into your new Android phone. For someone who has a lot of contacts on their phone.

It would be better to import them into your Google account so you can manage them well there. If you do this on PC, the process will be faster and correct.

When you have a Google account, you can transfer photos and videos from your phone to a cloud service. This way will be very beneficial if you lose your phone, you already have a backup. You can use Google Photos and it will be associated with your account. You need to install the app first and sign in to your Google account. The alternative is to save them to a microSD card too. When you have a backup of your files, this will make things easier if something happens to your phone.