Asus FX504; Gaming Laptop With Affordable Price

ASUS is already popular with its product in the laptop industry. As one of the best laptop brands, Asus tries to give their best by offering you the best gaming laptop under 700 dollars in price. We all do really know that considering a laptop to be a gaming laptop will require great specifications. So, you can find those great specifications in Asus FX504. Then, what you should know about Asus FX504?

Asus FX504; Specifications Of Great Gaming Laptop

Not only popular as best gaming laptop under 700 dollars, which means make this laptop becomes the affordable one for such a gaming laptop, the specifications also make you feel amazing. Yes, this laptop is supported by such a great combination of specifications that will be ready to attract you.

  • RAM and Storage Capacity

To get a very available laptop for many games, you will need a great memory. So, as the best gaming laptop, this laptop is also supported with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. It makes this laptop match very well to work harder and faster. Meanwhile, for the storage, it is equipped with 1 TB Solid-State Drive which will be very supportive of your hobby.

  • Graphic

For the graphic, this laptop is claimed as one of the best gaming laptops for a very great reason. It is supported with LED-lit and also has the FULL HD 15.6-inch screen which will make you feel great while playing the game on a bigger screen with good graphics resolution.

  • Other Features

Besides those specifications, this laptop is also supported by HyperCool which has a function to detect the temperature of the device. It can avoid bad things to happen to the device because of overwork.

After you know about the specifications of this Asus FX504, you can find whether this laptop is enough with your needs or not. Then, do not forget to consider about best gaming laptop under 700 for your better quality of laptop in gaming!