Are You Ready To Clean The Ductwork?

Have you ever heard about ductwork? Some of you might know the shape but not its name. It is kind of a tool which let the air flow from the outdoor better to indoor. That is why you can find the heating or cooling duct which is effective to flow better air to your home. There are some types of ducts, but all of them have the same system. It will flow the air to certain pipes then flow to another system to be heating or cooling then flowing again through the pipes to your rooms at home. Then, you also need to concern on it more to clean the dust. If there are so many dust and mold, so the air flow which will fresh anymore.

Get Ready To Clean The Ducts!

If you want to clean the ductwork, so you need to prepare some tools. Before that, there are two ways to clean your ducts. For the first, you can clean it by yourself. For the second, you can call the technicians to handle it. However, as long as you can handle it by yourself so it is better to clean it on your own. Are you ready? Prepare these things first:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Hex driver or screwdriver
  • Paper towels
  • New furnace filter

It’s Time To Clean The Ducts!

If all the preparation is done, so you can continue to clean the ducts. For the first thing to do is covering the supply registers. You can use paper towels to cover it to rescue any dust fall off later. Then, you need to turn off the heater or cooler mode as well as the fan. However, you cannot turn off the thermostat ductwork. After that, you can clean the ducts by using vacuum cleaner first then continue to brush it off.