4 Habits That Cause Bad Eyesight

Why are there many people wearing glasses and contact lenses? Is it merely a trend or is it because they do not have a good vision? The latter answer is more likely to be the major reason. Most of the time, it happens because people are treating their eyes badly. There are some possible habits that you need to avoid to have good eyesight.

Looking At The Screen Constantly

Many people these days, young and adult, spend a long time in front of the screen. You can define screen as any electrical display such as television, laptop, computers, and handphone. Many types of research have proven that constantly looking at the screen for hours can damage vision. Although there are eyeglasses that can prevent the eye from direct radiation, it is still better to reduce looking on the screen.

Wrong body position can also affect the eyesight. Most people like watching TV, playing the game on a smartphone while lying down. Consequently, you may suffer from myopia.

Reading With Low Light Intensity

People who are keen on reading and read in a long time constantly have the bigger threat of bad eyesight. Another cause is because people read in a room with poor lighting. As previously described, these conditions lead the eye to work harder and make the muscles tense. Therefore, many people end up wearing eye corrective devices.

Eating Wrong Diets

Dietary habits can also cause someone to have poor vision. Not enough consumption of healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits are the major cause. Most people love to eat instant food and another kind of junk food. Unfortunately, this bad habit can also affect vision.

Smoking Habit

In addition, smokers have a bigger possibility of suffering from cataract more than non-smokers do. The longer they smoke the higher risk they have. Besides, the smoke of cigarette can cause eye irritation for general people.