3 Vegan-Friendly Meals To Improve Health

Vitamin B12 is very important to our body. This crucial substance plays an important role in our body systems, especially in our nervous system, blood cells, immune systems, and DNA. Even, deficiency of vitamins B12 can lead to some severe health problems such as leucopenia and pernicious anemia. This kind of vitamin is mostly found in animal products such as meat, milk, and eggs. Therefore, vitamin B12 becomes a specific challenge for vegans. However, if you are a vegan, you don’t need to worry since here in this article we try to provide you a list of vitamin B12 sources for vegetarians.

Milk Products

There are so many milk products which are vegan-friendly that you can try as one of the sources of your body needs toward vitamin B12. You can try to consume yogurt and low-fat milk such as soybean milk and almond milk, and some cheese. You can take yogurt in the morning as your breakfast, but make sure you take plain yogurt. Then drink the milk and some slices of cheese as a snack.


You can eat boiled eggs to meet your daily needs of vitamin B12, but you need some boiled eggs to do so. It may be difficult in the beginning but you can try to add some piece of boiled eggs in your salad, or you can also try to make a scrambled egg.


Most cereals are containing additional vitamin B12 in every single serve. You can mix your low-fat milk and a bowl of this cereal for your breakfast. Cereal is a kind of fortified meals, making it easy to digest since it is a high bioavailability, meaning that they do not need to break down before absorbed. Before purchasing this product to be included in your menu, make sure you check the nutrition fact box on the package.