3 Simple And Healthy Snacks

Most people love to make their mouth occupied by chewing snack between meal times. Imagine yourself doing stuff at work and feeling hungry because you drain your energy. In this situation, eating snack seems so tempting. However, unhealthy snack with too much salt or sugar is not good for your body.

What To Eat Between Meal Times?

You have to be careful on the kind of snack you eat when you are busy at the office. People tend to eat anything, randomly, to satisfy their appetite. Eating healthy snack is the perfect solution to make stay fit all day long. Slices of fresh fruit and water are some alternative that you can prepare for a coffee break. The following is three simple coffee break snacks that you can bring to the office.

  1. Toasted Almond

Many experts and nutritionist agree that eating almond can avoid you from feeling hungry between the meal times. The tasty flavor of almond is perfect for coffee break snack yet healthy for the body. Eating 35 grain of toasted almond can help you reduce appetite. The fiber, protein and good fat in almond can make you full for longer time.


  1. Yogurt and Slices of Fruits

Yogurt is a good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidant for the body. You can prepare a cup of plain yogurt with a slice of fresh fruit for a snack. It can help you stay full until the lunchtime. Moreover, you will be stay energized to do your busy activities.


  1. Wheat Biscuit

Another simple snack that you can buy in any convenience store around your neighborhood is a wheat biscuit. Basically, wheat is rich in fiber. It is good for you because it can make you feel less hungry between meal times. It is also a good source of energy. Eating wheat biscuit and drinking more water can keep you full and hydrated.