March 2018


It is obvious that stress and emotion will always drive your health but not directly. You will see it if you often stressful and emotional. Do you know what I mean? Well, I will give you a further explanation about it later. The point here is you need to get rid stress and try to be happier and calm. It will help your body, skin and all of your body and mind always healthy and in a good condition.

How Stress and Emotion Drive Your Health

Many healthcare and doctor tell the patient to not get too stress with their diseases because it will help them to always be positive and heal fast. It is not only about the power of thinking and mind. You know obviously people who are easily angry will make their blood pressure increases. At the opposite, you can see people with positive thinking looks healthier and more active.

Furthermore, your immune system also will worsen if you always sad and stressful. You will be easily sick and get an infection in the place you never think before. If you think you are ok but only have a problem with your appearance since you are stress; it means you are not ok. Appearance includes your face, skin, and hair. Most people with stress and depression will have hair fall, more wrinkles, and dull skin. If you are not lucky, you will get worse thing such as pimples or acne. Do you want to ruin your life and your health in one place?

That is the reason why many people who are depression feel their heart is painful and they cannot stop feeling the pain all over their head. It is all connected. Maybe you can try to find out the connection between the emotion and the physical condition. You may ask your doctor too about that if you are not really sure. Think positive will always be the best answer.


To be beautiful, we don’t have to do routine skin treatment which it takes a lot of money, natural beauty has started to become the main purpose of many women. We can attract the attention of other people with natural beauty. Natural beauty has its own unique value because natural beauty is a beauty that is based on internal treatments such as nutritious intake. Almost all women always care about her face, because if their face isn’t beautiful, they tend to not confident. Many women who do treatments that required quite a high cost, even there are complex treatments that cost from hundreds of thousands to millions. We must be knowing that the way to beautify the skin is very diverse, although not cost a lot. One of them is by consuming fruits. Nutrition in the fruit is already widely known as a skin beauty element. Therefore, let’s start consuming fruits rather than doing treatments that drain your wallet.

Fruits with High Benefits for Skin Health

The first fruit is a very famous fruit, it’s apple. You can consume this apple by blending it into juice. Besides to be consumed, apples can also have applied as a face mask. The content of apples can prevent the process of wrinkling, skin breaks, and skin inflammation. The second fruit that very nutritious for the skin is avocado. Besides its delicious taste, avocado has some nutrients that suitable for skin health. Avocado has the healthy fats and also vitamin E, which are can prevent dry skin and keep skin moist. Avocado is also very tasty juice, it’s better if we don’t put too much sugar in avocado juice, specifically for those who have high blood pressure or cholesterol. Eat avocado juice 2 or 3 glasses in a day for maximum results.

The last fruit is kiwi fruit. Kiwifruit has an effective function to prevent the aging process. Kiwifruit contains vitamin E as well as avocado, vitamin C, and high antioxidant. All of that contents are very helpful for the skin regeneration process.


It must be a big problem when you have a sore throat. There will be itchiness, irritation, and even pain in your throat. It will even make you difficult to swallow your foods properly. Moreover, you will even hard to let water slide down on your throat. On higher state, you would not even talk comfortably since you feel like there is something on your throat. You can even let this pain stay. You have to do some treatments, so you can sleep better.

3 Effective Way To Get Rid Of Your Sore Throat

If you have a sore throat, so it must be the annoying one. You cannot eat, drink, talk, and even sleep properly since there is something uncomfortable in your throat. To get rid of this condition, here are the best treatments that can be done:

  1. Salt Water

You can try to rinse your throat with salt water. It will help to break the secretions down and kill the bacteria. You can mix half spoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Take it for rinsing your throat for every three hours until your throat gets better. It is highly recommended to calm your throat as well.


  1. Honey

If you cannot take salt water, so you can grab honey and tea. Just add honey to your tea then take it to relieve your sore throat. Honey is effective to tame a nighttime cough and suppress a cough. Moreover, it is also effective as wound healer which will help your sore throat.


  1. Peppermint

Besides effective to freshen breath, peppermint is also effective to relieve your sore throat. It contains menthol which will help remove the mucus and comfort your sore throats. Moreover, peppermint also contains antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial which will help to relieve your sore throat.


As a college student, you realize that earn money is hard. As you are entering the college world, you start to get a reality check. You need to earn money so you can’t burden your parents anymore. The money can be used to pay your college tuition, student loans, and daily necessity. Even you can give your parents a gift with the money that you earn. If you don’t know what to do in this business world, you can check our recommendations for business ideas for college students.

Top Business Ideas for College Students

  1. Sell things online

This the simple business idea for college students. There are many people that sell everything online right now. You don’t need a lot of money to rent a shop. You can create an account on media social or e-commerce platform as your shop and you can start to sell things right away. You need to find supplier too. Finding the right supplier is challenging. Once you get the right one, you need to start promoting your business. It’s better to sell the things that you like. For example, you are a beauty enthusiast, so it’s better for you to sell makeup and skincare products.

  1. Tutoring

If you are a smart student is your class, you can be a tutor. There are many middle high and high schoolers who need help in their study. Being a teacher is a good thing. You can spread knowledge and it is a noble job since you help people to become smart. Sometimes. Students are more comfortable if they tutored by someone who is not too older. You can teach basic lessons such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, and so on. Or you can teach them other skills such as playing music, singing, art, or SAT.

Selling things online and tutoring is top business ideas for college students. These ideas are simple and you can earn enough money to for a living.


Business Ideas for 2018

For someone who always works in front of the computer, maybe you need a career change. Maybe you are a fresh-graduated and you are still not sure about what career that you should pursue. Or maybe you just want to run a business. Below are great business ideas for 2018. Check this out!

Great Business Ideas for 2018

  1. Mechanic business

We recommend this business idea for the man since more man loves working on a car than a woman. You can make a mechanic business for a living, you know. But you need trade skills which are vocational degree if you want to start this business. You can start this as your hobby. There are many people who run a business that start with a hobby. You can try this business by joining a local community. They can help you to start a business if you have the same interest.

  1. Sewing business

For someone who loves sewing, you can start sewing and alterations as your business idea. Having a business that you love is relay enjoyable. So, if you find yourself enjoying in sewing and altering garments, then it is the great choice for you. To start this business, you don’t have to need a specific training or degree. In fact, if you have a certain level of sewing skills, you can start this business right away. Especially if you are a great sewer, run an alternation business is a great idea. Our tips are to find the local community that offers sewing classes for better skill.

.3. Accounting business

For someone who graduates from Economic major, running an accounting business is a great idea. You can consider this business if you like preparing taxes, bookkeeping, and managing money in general. However, if you want to start this business, you need to become an accountant. So, you need the right education. You will need to open a firm too.

These are the great three business ideas in 2018.


There are many different brands of phone out there. And there are many options too from low to high-quality phones. To choose the right phone for you it is quite challenging. But we are here to help you find the best you can get with your budget.

How to Find the Right Phone

  1. Operation system

For your information iOS is easier to use. Meanwhile, Android will give you more choice of customization. However, if you are torn between Android and iOS, we recommend you to choose an iPhone. The smartphone use iOS as its operating system. This is the perfect operating system if you want to have a smartphone that is easy to use. Moreover, iOS has the suitable software updates and you can get the hottest apps first. As for Android, it is recommended for someone who wants more affordable choices and more hardware options.

  1. Choose the right size screen

People want to have a smartphone with a big screen but they don’t consider their hand size. If you have small hands, it’s better to buy a phone with a small screen at least smaller than 5.5 inches. This also needs to be considered if you prefer one-hand use. If you want to use a smartphone for play games, watch videos, or want to have the multi-window mode like Android, you can get yourself a smartphone with a big screen.

  1. Get affordable phone

It is unnecessary to buy a phone with a high price. If you are in the budget, you need to think wisely. There are many options for affordable and cheap phones.

  1. Large storage

There are many phones that have large storage but affordable price. You need to have a phone with at least 32 GB of internal storage. This is very important especially if you need to store many photos, videos, games, and files.

We hope that our tips are helpful for you.


If you use Android there are some tips and trick to use your phone, especially if it is still new. When it comes to Android, it the software that is like a beast with many faces. If we compare Android with other software, it’s just different. There are many phone manufacturer that uses Android as an operating system for their phones such as Samsung, ASUS, Huawei, LG, and many more. If you use Android, it means that you will have a level of limitless to customization. You can download everything from Google Play and you can download many apps for third-party just fine!

How to Master Your Android Phone

You need to sort out and Google account first in order to master Android. Android and Google are like a soulmate. Because if you want to use an Android phone, then you have to create a Google account. This will lead you to everything that goes with Google like Google Maps, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, contacts, calendars, and many more. To create an account, it’s better to create it straight from your PC before you sign into your new Android phone. For someone who has a lot of contacts on their phone.

It would be better to import them into your Google account so you can manage them well there. If you do this on PC, the process will be faster and correct.

When you have a Google account, you can transfer photos and videos from your phone to a cloud service. This way will be very beneficial if you lose your phone, you already have a backup. You can use Google Photos and it will be associated with your account. You need to install the app first and sign in to your Google account. The alternative is to save them to a microSD card too. When you have a backup of your files, this will make things easier if something happens to your phone.


Traveling alone is a great decision to help you get out from your comfort zone. Moreover, if you need some me time and alone time, then traveling alone is very necessary for you. When it comes to traveling alone, everything that you will face during traveling will be different than traveling with your family or friends. If you are too afraid to travel alone, then it means that you just not confident with yourself. It’s time to improve yourself by traveling alone. We have some travel tips for you if you want to travel alone.

Best Tips to Travel Alone

  1. Stay in a hotel with good ratings

Traveling alone will make you feel vulnerable since you are in an unfamiliar place. So, before you booked a hotel, it’s better to read the review first. You can do a little research to find the right hotel that receives positive reviews from many customers. The reviews will help you an expectation from the hotel, facility, and neighborhood.

  1. Find a place with free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is really important whenever you are traveling. Especially if you travel abroad because the internet cost can be pricey there. You need to find a hotel that has free Wi-Fi or maybe some cafes. You can contact your family and friends. Free Wi-Fi is the best whenever you just want a staycation. With Wi-Fi, you can stream music or watch a movie.

  1. Meet Other Travelers

The best thing about traveling alone is the chance to meet other travelers. This is the best chance to meet someone new and share the experience together. If you are too shy to make a conversation with other travelers, you can try with the local people there. They are very friendly and sometimes you can get a great opportunity if you talk to them. For example, they can give you some recommendations for food or hidden place.

What are you waiting for? Let’s book a ticket!