February 2017


Survival mode can be one of the most challenging gameplay in Minecraft. You will need to survive day by day and face mobs that will attack you at any time. Therefore, you need cool houses to build in Minecraft for shelter and place to take a rest. To build a proper one, you can use common building materials that you can obtain from you.

Complete And Brief Tutorial To Build House

  • Foundation and Walls

The first you need to do is creating the platform. A strong foundation can serve you the better house that has good blast resistance. You can start by making 4 by 4 structures of cobblestone or wood planks. You can improve the shape and size as you wish.

Then, continue the process by building the walls. Pick the right materials as it will define the quality and the look of the house itself. Different material leaves a different color impression. Then, install windows and door. You can choose block or panels for the window. Wooden door and iron door is available for you.

  • Roof Finishing

After finishing the foundation and wall, the last basic step is by covering the house with a roof. There are some roof styles that you can choose. You can create either a flat roof or asymmetric roof. Asymmetric or stair roof will serve you some space for creating the chest. It also leaves unique style of cool houses to build in Minecraft.

  • Outdoor and Interior Decoration

At last, you can give additional decoration for better exterior and cozy interior. You can add fences and a small garden around the house. Otherwise, crafting items for interiors such as bed or crafting table is also important.

Those are few steps that you need to do in order to create simple shelter. Once you have mastered the game, you can improve the building. You can also explore more materials to make cool houses to build in Minecraft.


Do you want to have such a good appearance of your car? Of course, the perfect appearance will support the existence of your great car. However, it would be a problem if your car is not in perfect condition because of certain scars on its body. Then, auto body paint shop will help you to maintain the problem and bring back the perfect appearance of your car. Then, what are people usually doing when they are repainting their car?

Repainting And Repairing Your Auto Body Shop

Actually, people go to auto body paint shop with some plans that they have. Some of them might only want to modify their car even though they still have a good car. Some other might do the repairmen and repainting because of some scars in their cars’ body. To do repainting your car’s body, you do not need to worry, even though it is the first time for you.

You only need to come to the shop and then tell the office there about your aim to that place. Of course, thinking about the best thing to do for your car will be the right plan to do. For example, your car might have a problem with the color because of some moves. It also can be caused by any accidents. Then, you can get back the real color of the cars by planning for repainting the car in the shop.

Then, you are not only allowed to modify your car or preparing to repaint of your car in the shop. You also can make sure to know that the shop can is ready to give you repairing services. You also can modify your car or do some other changes in your car.

Whatever is the service that you choose, the important thing is choosing the shop. You only need to make sure that shop is having a good reputation to work with. For more information about it, please access Autobodyshop123.com.


Modern life is one of the things you can consider experiencing. With some conditions like the heaps of workloads and others, you will feel uncomfortable with your life. When it comes to you to get the things in your life, you will also get some stressful conditions. Of course, it will not make you feel relax. Otherwise, you will also get some things that will make you feel depressed. But, how do you get them easily in your life? You can get rid of stress and other bothering things by choosing some things that will be helpful for your life. In this article, we’ll discuss how.

Things To Note To Avoid Excess Stress

When it comes to you to get the best experience in your life without any stressful experience in your life. So, here are some things you can consider when choosing to avoid the excess stress. So, here are some things you can consider:

  1. Make sure you can avoid the intake of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Those things will damage your body and it will also make you feel uncomfortable. Besides of damaging yourself, you can also consider the condition as some things that will make you get worse.
  2. Get enough sleep in your life. On a daily basis, you can consider some activities that will make you feel relax. But, you need to also get some conditions which will make your mind relax. Therefore, you can consider getting enough sleep at least six hours in a day.
  3. When you’re stressed, you can choose some things that will make you feel comfortable. Kill your stress by choosing some activities that will indulge your physical movements. Those movements will not only make you feel comfortable but also will kill the stress.

So, those are the things you can do to deal with stress. You can consider some things which will be useful for your life. Make sure you love yourself more than the stress can pin you down.