August 2016


Whenever your car has a problem, Autotech will repair it for you. But we can’t always available for you every single day so you need to know how to take care of your car by yourself. This is very important since you can’t just go to the workshop whenever your car has a trouble.

How To Take Care Of  Your Car According To Autotech?

First, you need to take care of the radiators. According to Autotech, those are important for your car to make the engine function well.  The amount of water on the radiator determines how well the radiator can cool the engine. If the water radiator is low, it can cause the engine becomes hot faster and the engine performance becomes reduced, even it can suddenly break down due to overheating.

So, before you are going to a long trip, check if the water radiator is enough and add it if it’s necessary. Make sure the water on the radiator is always full. You can use clean water to keep the radiator durable because if you add dirty water used, it will be easy to crust and you have to clean it.

The next thing to take care of is tires. Car tire maintenance is actually quite easy. You just have to keep the tire’s wind pressure. Well-Maintained tires can extend the life of the tire itself and the untreated tires will be easily brittle and unusable.

Always driving at the speed limit. If you are driving too fast, it can cause a fatal thing to both tires and your car. You have to clean and wash the tires regularly. If it’s possible, polish the tire to maintain tire elasticity and make the tire more durable. Dirt such as dust, water, and mud that left can cause rubber tires brittle easily. However, Autotech can solve these problems in your car.