Indonesia has many beautiful beaches. Those beaches have white sand, palm tree, ocean breeze, crystal clear water, and salty air. Imagine the beautiful sunrise and sunset there is breathtaking. There is no place better than Indonesia beaches. Indonesia is the right place to visit if you want to have a relaxing vacation on the beach.

Most Beautiful Indonesia Beaches

If you want to visit the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, take a look at our recommendation below. If you visit those beaches, you will get heaven on Earth.

  1. Canggu Beach, Bali Island

When it comes to Indonesia beaches, we can’t really skip Bali Island. This island has so many pretty beaches including Canggu Beach. We can say that this place has an interesting view. The first thing that you notice while you are on this beach is black sand. Canggu Beach has black sand and surprising landscape. If you love to surf, then this beach is definitely your place. The waves are so challenging. Canggu Beach is a combination of unique beach, best surf, nightlife, delicious restaurant, and fun bars. Definitely worth to visit.

  1. Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan

UNESCO has accepted this place as a world heritage site. This beach is located in Berau. Derawan Beach wouldn’t disappoint you. Although the journey to get here is too long, but once you step your feet on this beach, you will enjoy the moment. Derawan Beach also known for its beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. You can swim with protected species such as dolphins, whales, and other species. The coral reefs here are also well-protected.

  1. Gili Meno, West Nusa Tenggara

Since Gili Trawangan is so mainstream, we recommend you to check Gili Meno which is close to Gili Trawangan. This place is quieter than other gilis. Here you can find best snorkeling and diving spots. Gili Meno has the freshest air since there is no car here!

Those Indonesia beaches above will make you love Indonesia more.


One of the best gaming motherboards so far could be the ROG Maximus X APEX from ASUS. This major chipset manufacturer has come do far with premium features and elegant design to support better gaming experience. It breaks the world record for overclocking to bump up at 7.3 GHz with LN2 Mode. It also has the best memory for tweaking.

Pros Of ROG Maximus X APEX

Every single component in this motherboard is intentionally designed to break performance boundaries and create a new standard of quality. All features are selected to bring maximum performance so that its reliability should be questioned. Tweaking options are available to push the component to its limit. The cooling technology keeps every component work well under control. It has several RGB LEDs setting that makes it look even more attractive.

Premium Overclocking Features

This best gaming motherboard includes a toolkit for overclocking purposes. The presence of Dual BIOS provides you to do experiment with several firmware versions. It also has an onboard switch that allows you to switch from first to second BIOS without any setback. The highlight of ROG Maximus X APEX is definitely the overclocking features.

There are 10 total tools that you can use to have maximum overclocking experience. It includes Multicolored Q-LED. There are four LEDs that indicate the present boot status.  There is also slow mode switch and pause switch which only works if the LN2 mode is enabled. LN2 Mode Jumper is a jumper that enables particular options and also functions for overclocking. There is a lot more toolkit you can explore to increase clock speed.

In brief, there are a lot more exclusive features you can explore to bring its maximum performance. With this extreme quality, it should be able to satisfy hardcore gamers all over the world. Despite its high cost, ASUS offers much more affordable best gaming motherboard with excellent performance.


Do you love to eat fruits in your spare time? Do you like to eat vegetables for your dinner and lunch? Well, fruit vegetables are very good in giving you the healthy body. There are so many benefits to them for your body and health. You cannot live without consuming them. For people who do not like eating vegetables, they will look different from the other people.

Why You Need Fruits And Vegetables And How To Combine Them

People with the health issue will always need to eat more fruits and vegetables. You should know the role of those two foods is very important. You will find people who do not eat many vegetables will gain more fat and their body looks not fresh.

Then, if you are one of those people; you should start to eat more vegetables now. There are a lot of them in this world with several types of vegetables. You will find several vegetables you will love. Believe me. So, here are how to combine fruit vegetables in your menu:

  1. You may create a salad with peanut sauce. Mix the fruits and vegetables to create the salad. You may use the fresh fruits and the steamed vegetables.
  2. Then, you may combine them with the beverages as well. You may make a glass of juice made of the combination of fruits and vegetables. For example, the mix of scale, apple, carrots, and orange. Yummy!
  3. You may mix them in one bowl of soup. Ok, it may weird but you may try the sour fruits as the mixing of the vegetable soup.

There is more the mix of fruits and vegetables. You just need to be more creative. Click fruit vegetables for more information. You know, the fruits can be the main course and the vegetables can be the snacks in your free time. You may find more recipe on the internet now.


ASUS is already popular with its product in the laptop industry. As one of the best laptop brands, Asus tries to give their best by offering you the best gaming laptop under 700 dollars in price. We all do really know that considering a laptop to be a gaming laptop will require great specifications. So, you can find those great specifications in Asus FX504. Then, what you should know about Asus FX504?

Asus FX504; Specifications Of Great Gaming Laptop

Not only popular as best gaming laptop under 700 dollars, which means make this laptop becomes the affordable one for such a gaming laptop, the specifications also make you feel amazing. Yes, this laptop is supported by such a great combination of specifications that will be ready to attract you.

  • RAM and Storage Capacity

To get a very available laptop for many games, you will need a great memory. So, as the best gaming laptop, this laptop is also supported with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. It makes this laptop match very well to work harder and faster. Meanwhile, for the storage, it is equipped with 1 TB Solid-State Drive which will be very supportive of your hobby.

  • Graphic

For the graphic, this laptop is claimed as one of the best gaming laptops for a very great reason. It is supported with LED-lit and also has the FULL HD 15.6-inch screen which will make you feel great while playing the game on a bigger screen with good graphics resolution.

  • Other Features

Besides those specifications, this laptop is also supported by HyperCool which has a function to detect the temperature of the device. It can avoid bad things to happen to the device because of overwork.

After you know about the specifications of this Asus FX504, you can find whether this laptop is enough with your needs or not. Then, do not forget to consider about best gaming laptop under 700 for your better quality of laptop in gaming!


2017 is not just the year of music but also the year of the movie as well. There are many excellent movies in 2017. Last year probably the best year for the movie industry. We get many great movies whether it is from the plot, cast, director, and many more. Mobdro has compiled the list of best 2017 movies.

Best 2017 Movies to Watch on Mobdro

If you miss those movies below, it means that you miss 2017 too! Those movies are the ones that make 2017 a strong and great year for the movie industry.

  1. Get Out

For your information, the director who always writes the script of this movie always does a comedy movie. Right now, the director changes his genre and direct as well as write his first horror movie ever. Get Out is the best horror movie in 2017. This movie is not just about horror but also social commentary. If you never watch Get Out, then you should make this movie as a top priority on Mobdro.

  1. I, Tonya

This movie will blow your mind if you are not an American. The story tells about Tonya Harding who is an American professional skater. Yes, this is a biography movie based on real story. Tonya Harding is known for her 3 spins act on ice ring where the last act was years ago done by another skater. But this story also tells about her and her husband’s scandal that rips her career apart.

  1. Dunkirk

The last movie that you need to watch is from a famous and talented director, Christopher Nolan. This movie is based on the real event sets in World War 2 where British army must survive in Dunkirk, France. The story doesn’t have its own conflict, but Nolan can bring out the most realistic Dunkirk event in this movie.

You can watch this movie on Mobdro. Download it on


Do you need unlimited access to various TV programs? Installing the mobdro app on your smart TV. It is a little bit different from other streaming tools. The Mobdro will let you stream various programs freely with unlimited access. So, you do not need to pay more for every video that has been watched. Only by upgrading the version, you will get the more features. However, the Freemium version still is an option to get free access.

How to Download Mobdro for Android Fire TV

If you are Android Fire TV, so the mobdro app is the best tool to install. Here are easy ways to get the Mobdro on your Fire TV:

  • Make sure that connection

The first thing you have to make sure is the connection. Make sure that all connections are needed are connected well. In that way, there will be no trouble while installation is running.

  • Setting up the Fire TV

Before going to the website, make sure that you already set the device up. You need to make sure that all the setting is compatible with this application. You have to go to Settings and choose System option. Then, choose the Developer to turn on the Unknown Source option. Just click OK to let the application access your Smart TV easily.

  • Download the apk and install it

Go to the browser and find the apk through Mobdro website. Just find the apk which is compatible with Smart TV. Then, click the download button. In several minutes until the icon appeared, the application has been installed well.

  • Launch the application

If the icon of the mobdro app has been shown, so you can click it to launch. Choose the favorite menu to add this application. Just rename it by Mobdro, then you can access all videos in this application freely.


Do you know there are so many ways to listen to music now? You do not need to buy the CD or DVD anymore. You just need to get free songs download from the trusted source or website page. Well, you also could listen to free music application but not all of the songs are free to listen! How about that? You better download them all.

Get The Free Music Easily Through This Website Page

Music is like the part of people life. There are so many songs in this world. You may choose the song based on the genre or the favorite artist and singer. You even can listen to them anytime and through different media. Then, what if you want to keep it in your gadget?

Well, it is clear that you should download the songs. Free songs download is good for people who cannot connect to the internet anytime. So, if you think you need to download the song as well; you should follow the steps here to download the song you want:

  1. You should visit the best website page to download the song. I will give you one best link in the last paragraph.
  2. Then, you should type the title of the song or the singer in the searching box of the page.
  3. You will see the list of the songs. Then, choose one by clicking the download button.
  4. There are options of song’s quality. Choose the yellow one and click download afterward.
  5. You may click play before you choose the quality to make sure.

Thus, those are all the easy steps to get the free music. You should not visit the other pages to get the free music. Well, how could that easy! This is the link: free songs download. Click the link and you will see there are so many songs you need to download. Enjoy!


Playing online games do not look at age, gender, even a place to play some of his thrilling games. However, there are many people who actually say if the game or online games more often played by men only. In fact, women are also no less clever to play a number of games that exist.

The Existence of a Special Game for Women

Online games are for anyone, anytime, and wherever they are. Even both men and women were all allowed to play some of the online games that already exist. However, there are some differences that often appear that women’s games will be designed in such a way that makes many women happy to play it.

If you find a site with a 60 seconds free download game then you are a very lucky person. The reason, in the site or collection of this game you will be served with hundreds of exciting games. Even games devoted exclusively to the women in it. Some games provided specifically for women was no less interesting with the games available for men.

What Games Are Available for Women?

There are many game genres of 60 seconds free download. Even the genre was adjusted to the genre that existed in a number of men’s games. What makes it different from the games is a slightly different look. The games provided specifically for this lady have a game display that is usually brightly colored as pink, yellow, and white. For any available character is different. Due to the special game of women, then the available characters were only women only.

Special Game Provider for Free Women

If you are curious about a number of games that can be played even in accordance with you who are women, then immediately to find a game site that provides 60 seconds free download service. Do not worry about the type of game, because there are so many categories and types of women-only games you can play. Even if you want to play a game like war or the other for men then you just decide what genre will be chosen to play.


One thing that can make you get stressed is having a hair fall problem every day. You will feel pressured and worry about hair loss problem. Hair loss does not only happen to old people. Young people also have the possibility to get the same problem. Have a hair fall problem and ended up having a hair loss problem at a young age is very shameful and make you feel unconfident.

Hair is a crown for every people. Many people do a hair therapy to prevent hair damage, keep healthy and strong, free from severe hair fall problem. Besides of taking care of your hair, it is also important to know about the causes of hair fall. If you have acknowledged it, so you can keep your hair healthiness optimally.

Recognize The Causes Of Hair Damage

There are so many factors that cause the hair fall. The stress that you get emotionally, evidently affects your hair fall. Physical stress is also causing the hair fall, for example, when a mom is having a labor. Hormonal change in the body is also causing hair fall, for example, when a woman is pregnant or menstruating.

Another cause is when you are in a diet program and trying to set the meal time, evidently can make you have hair fall problem too. Then, when you just have had a surgery, or you have a short-term illness and also infection. It can also affect a long-term illness, have a cold, influenza, severe anemia, and so on.

One of general cause is when a cancer patient is in the middle chemotherapy or the effect of radiation. What are some things that because hair damaged and hair fall? We can conclude that the most important thing we must do is to take care of our healthiness, set the meal term, and pay attention to what we eat. Make sure that our body gets the nutrition it needed.


Game hello neighbor alpha 1 download is widely available for you who want to feel the tension. There is a trailer that will tell how this game runs and how to accomplish it. You must find out what is inside of the blotted room. You may need some tools to open the doors. It will include crowbar and key which is hidden inside of the house.

Find The Way To Sneak In

The trailer tells about you who are finding a way to invade the house. You wander around the house and observe the neighbor. In the front yard, there are some items scattered around. There are tomatoes and apples. You can use it to distract your neighbor by throwing it on the front window and hide.

Grab The Hidden Crowbar

You have bought yourself some time to sneak in for he is cleaning the window outside. You manage to find the crowbar somewhere in one of the room. Then, you turn on the TV and hide to again distract your neighbor. You are trying your best so he will not notice you. However, the advanced AI in hello neighbor alpha 1 download always seems to find you.

Get The Key To Accomplish The Game

Your last attempt is to get the key which is lying in the dining room. You are one step closer to finish the game. However, right after you grab the key, your journey is stopped. You are locked up and never find a way out.

This simulation aims to give show you how to play the game. There will be some items around the house you can use to distract your neighbor. Some items are even used to break the unlocked doors. If you feel it is the game you are looking for, you can download it for free in